We offer the following Products

• Greenhouse {Hydroponics} construction materials
We supply both conventional and Hydroponics greenhouse materials, i.e., Green House Trough, Drip Lines, Green House Paper Nap Sacks, Inert Media, Greenhouse plumbing materials, etc.

• Seedlings, Fungicides, and Pesticides
Through our seedling nurseries beds, we can bleed quality and healthy seedlings for a variety of plants such as Tomatoes, kales, Spinach, Cabbages, lettuce, etc.
Our team of agronomists also recommends the best fungicides and pesticides for the crops at different stages of their growth.
For farmers who wish to grow organic, we help and recommend the best natural pesticides for their farms.

• Nutrients Solutions
Through our team of Biotechnologist, agronomists and microbiologists, we produce and park nutrients solutions for Hydroponics farmers. The packaging of nutrients is as per our clients’ needs and preferences.

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